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Contract Cases and Materials
By Robert Clark and Blanaid Clarke
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Category(ies): Law

Additional linking commentaries and revision exercises enrich the depth of resources of this edition for students.

New cases from the Irish, British and Commonwealth judicial systems will bring the reader up to date with key decisions handed down up to February 2008.

New Irish cases in this edition include: Smart Telecom plc trading as Smart Telecom v Radio Teilifís Éireann & Anor (Referential Bids) O’Connor v Coady (Conditional Contracts) Triatic Limited v Cork County Council (Certainty) Intrum Justitia Bv v Legal and Trade Financial Services (Mistake)

New English cases in this edition include: Mehta v J Pereira Fernandes SA (E-mail Signatures) Proform Sports Management Ltd v Proactive Sports Management Ltd (Capacity) Golden Strait Corporation v Nippon Yusen Kubishika Kaisha (Penalty Clauses) Vakante v Addey & Stanhope School (Illegality) BBC Worldwide Ltd v Bee Load Ltd (t/a Archangel Ltd) (Certainty)

This edition also refers to Law Reform Commission developments, such as the Report on Privity of Contract (2008) and the Consultation Paper on Vulnerable Adults and the Law (2005).

Introduces legislative developments on company law, consumer protection and conveyancing law reform; areas that will impact on some basic contract rules.

Reviews the progress made on the European Commission’s Action Plan and Common Frame of Reference Programme.

Suitable for university students and those taking Bar and Law Society examinations.

Author Biography
Robert Clark is an Associate Professor in the Law School, University College Dublin. He specialises in Contract, Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law and has published widely in these areas. He is a consultant with Arthur Cox & Co., Dublin. Blanaid Clarke is an Associate Professor in the Law School, University College Dublin. She specialises in Contract and Corporate Law with particular emphasis on the areas of Corporate Finance Law, Securities Regulation and Corporate Governance.

Table of Contents
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of Articles of the Constitution
Table of EC/EU/US Legislation
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Law of Contract
Chapter 2: Formation of a Contract
Chapter 3: Contract as a Promised Exchange
Chapter 4: Intention to Create Legal Relations
Chapter 5: Legal Form
Chapter 6: Express Terms
Chapter 7: Implied Terms
Chapter 8: Risk Allocation and Consumer Protection
Chapter 9: Mistake
Chapter 10: Misrepresentation
Chapter 11: Disclosure
Chapter 12: Capacity to Contract
Chapter 13: Duress
Chapter 14: Equitable Intervention
Chapter 15: Privity of Contract
Chapter 16: Illegality
Chapter 17: Restraint of Trade
Chapter 18: Discharge of Contractual Obligations
Chapter 19: Damages

Publication Details
Format Paperback, 1200 pages
ISBN 9780717143788
Imprint Gill & Macmillan
Language English
Product Dimensions 234 x 156
Publication Date October 2008

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