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The Internet & Web Authoring
By Fionnuala Nicholson and Jacqueline Dempsey
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Category(ies): Computer Applications

New textbook that introduces the history and structure of the Internet, the development of the World Wide Web, and demonstrates how to use the Internet and create web pages.

  • Explains how to access information and understand the use and potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

  • Establishes the historical context of the Internet by defining the ARPANET project and outlining the development of the TCP/IP suite of protocols, as well as ownership and funding of the Internet.

  • Demonstrates the use of e-mail and all its components, including web-based email.

  • Ensures familiarity with security and confidentiality issues.

  • Practical tips are highlighted throughout with exercises included in each Internet chapter.

  • Presents the fundamental theory of web design with instruction on how to design and create a website.

  • Provides useful tips on design and page layout with advice on the use of colour, graphics, digital photography and sound.

  • Suitable for use with either Dreamweaver or HTML editors.

  • Includes guidelines on how to produce a successful Web Authoring project.

Accessible, logical and extremely readable, this book has been student tested and approved!


  • FETAC Level 5 The Internet
  • FETAC Level 5 Web Authoring
  • Any course with modules on the Internet and Web Authoring

Author Biography
Fionnuala Nicholson teaches Computer Studies in Rathmines College of Further Education in Dublin.

Jacqueline Dempsey teaches Web Authoring and Desktop Publishing in Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  The History and Structure of the Internet

Chapter 2:  Connecting to the Internet

Chapter 3:  The World Wide Web and Search Engines

Chapter 4:  Security and Confidentiality

Chapter 5:  Electronic Mail

Chapter 6:   Web Authoring

Web Assignment 1 – Ryan Family Website

Web Assignment 2 – ECO Ireland



Publication Details
Format Paperback, 208 pages
ISBN 9780717149834
Imprint Gill & Macmillan
Language English
Product Dimensions 245 x 175
Publication Date March 2011

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