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Financial Accounting with Corporate Governance for Non Accounting Students
By John Heneghan
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Category(ies): Accounting & Finance

· Corporate governance is integrated throughout the text, and emphasised at vital decision-making stages · The Internal Control System is addressed from both Auditing and Compliance perspectives · Both the Auditing process and the Annual Report are described and discussed · International Accounting Standards and the impact of the latest Irish legislation on accounting are detailed · Detailed analyses link all statements, to cover the accrual and cash picture · Includes a chapter on Group Accounting · Several Self-Assessment Questions are interspersed throughout each chapter Suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students on any programme/course that contains an Accounting Module, and for Decision-makers/Executives dealing with financial accounting issues on a regular basis

Author Biography
John R. Heneghan lectures in Financial Accounting at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. He has worked at Allied Irish Banks and in many banking and finance positions in the USA. He is an annual guest speaker at the Institute of Directors’ Centre for Corporate Governance at UCD and has presented papers in Ireland and at the European Academy of Management on Corporate Governance. He is the co-author of two accounting textbooks and a founding member of the Paris-based European Foundation for Territorial Excellence. He earned a BSc Bus Admin and MBA from Seton Hall University, New Jersey, USA and is presently pursuing a PhD at the University of Limerick.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Accounting: its Role & Environment
Introduction & Objectives
History & Development
Accounting: Providing Financial Information
The Financial Statements
Corporate Governance
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 2: Accounting Concepts & Regulation
Introduction & Objectives
The Regulatory Landscape
Accounting Concepts
Further Overriding concepts
Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Statements
Review & Self-Assessment
Chapter 3: The Accounting Information System
Introduction & Objectives
The Transaction
The Account
The Recording Process
The Corporate Governance Issue
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 4: The Closing Process: From Trial Balance to Financial Statements
Introduction & Objectives
Contra Accounts
The Trial Balance
The Final Accounts - The Financial Statements
Presentation & Readability
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 5: Accrual Accounting: Principles & Application
Introduction & Objectives
The Accruals Concept: An Overview
Bad Debts
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 6: Limited Companies
Introduction & Objectives
Corporate Form
Capital & its Formation
Accounting for Capital
Accounting for Profit
Reporting on Corporate Form
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 7: Limited Companies: Accounting for Groups
Introduction & Objectives
An Overview
Accounting Methods for Consolidating
A Completed Example
Issue of Control
Goodwill & Fair Value
Consolidation: A Detailed Example
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 8: Statement of Cashflows
Cash & its Activities
Format of Cashflow Statement
Calculating Net Cashflow from Operations
Tackling an Exam Question
Cash is King
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 9: Intrepretation of Financial Information
Introduction & Objectives
Financial Performance & Analysis
Extent & Limitations of Financial Analysis
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 10: Nature of Corporate Governance
Introduction & Objectives
Theories in Corporate Governance
Genesis of the Combined Code
Revised Combined Code
Structure of the Corporate Board
A Recommended Structure
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 11: The Control of Accounting Systems
Introduction & Objectives
The Environment of Internal Control
The Internal Control System (ICS)
Control & Management of Cash
Review & Self-Assessment Questions
Chapter 12: The Audit Process
Introduction & Objectives
The Nature of the Audit
Auditing Standards & Guidelines
The Audit Process
The Auditor’s Report
The Annual Report
Review & Self-Assessment Questions

Publication Details
Format Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN 9780717140329
Imprint Gill & Macmillan
Language English
Product Dimensions 245 x 175
Publication Date May 2006

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